Greek food, what to eat in Greece?

Although Greek dishes are similar to Turkish culture, they have many local dishes of their own. They believed in the power of the sea and the land and produced many products accordingly. If you are thinking about what to eat when you go to Greece, this article will guide you. You can check our list below to answer them, especially when you think about what to eat during your Greek holiday and on Greek island tours.

Greek food

I would like to give some information about Greece. It is a member of the European Union. Although it is not a very big country, we can say that it is in a good position in terms of tourism. They quickly overcame the recent economic crisis and ensured the rise of the country. You can plan your travels by using the airline, and you can go to Greece by ship tours. You can also experience the flavors of Greek food while you are there.


One of the most well-known flavors of the Aegean region, stuffed leaves are also one of the leading flavors of Greece. Just like us, they wrap the vine leaves with rice or lamb and beef and serve them.

Feta Me Meli

If you are a sweet lover, this is for you. The best that comes to mind when you want to eat dessert in Greece. It is made by frying feta cheese and pouring honey on it.


It is a salad that you can definitely see next to Greek main dishes. It may be known as a Mediterranean salad, but it is excellent in taste. Tomatoes, red onions, olives, feta cheese, olive oil are used.


This traditional flavor, made by frying flour and cheese, is accepted as an appetizer throughout the country and takes its place on the tables. We recommend you to try Saganakyi, which is a very practical preparation.


If you like spice and tomato paste, we can really recommend it. It has an intense spice flavor. Soutzoukakia can be considered as one of the original flavors you can taste in the country.


It is passed as an appetizer. Strained yogurt is the main ingredient of cucumber. In addition, dill and olive oil are added to it.

We have included some flavors in the topic of Greek food and what to eat in Greece. Of course, there are many more dishes. If there are any dishes you have experienced, you can let us know.

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