Vedang plant burger prices

Vedang plant burger price Almost everyone has a passion for food. Different tastes and fast-consuming hamburger menus are attracting attention day by day. Vedang plant burger in Berlin is the place we will transfer in this article. Surely you are wondering what to eat before you go. For this, we have done research and listed the best hamburgers of the place. Of course, Vedang plant burger prices will also be included in our article.

Vegand plant burger is a popular vegan burger restaurant in Berlin. The restaurant offers all-plant-based food and besides burgers, it also offers side items such as fries, salads, and a selection of beverages. The restaurant’s menu includes a variety of burger options. For example, in addition to famous vegan burger brands such as Beyond Burger, Impossible Burger and Moving Mountains Burger, the restaurant also has its own special recipes.

Vegand plant burger is located in Berlin’s Neuk├Âlln district. Restaurant opening hours and current menu information are available on their website.

Vedang plant burger prices

We can say that burgers, which focus on vegetables and herbs, are a good option for those looking for different flavors and for those who eat vegan. Those who live in Berlin, those who come to visit here, can save the vegand plant burger and taste the burgers.

Vedang plant burger menu

  • Hamburger Patty, Vedang Sauce, Salad, Red Onion, Pickles, Tomato bacon
  • Cheesyburger, cheesy, vedang sauce, salad, red onion, pickles, tomato
  • Babycue burger, salad, red onion pickles, tomato
  • Chili burger: Salad, jalapeno, red onion, pickles, tomato,
  • Veggie burger: Falafel quinoa patty, vedang sauce, salad, tomato.
  • Mary jane cbd burger: %5 cbd oil, vedang sauce, salad, pickles.
  • Crispy chick burger: Vedang mayo, salad, cucumber.
  • Angry chick burger, angry sweet chili saauce, salad, cucumber, tomato.

Where is Vedang plant burger

Vedang plant burger also has branches outside of Berlin. It is very difficult to find a place that makes burgers with this concept in Germany. If you’re having trouble finding a place that makes burgers with herbs and vegans. You can go to the Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin branches.

Vedang plant burger prices 2023

Prices may change periodically, but we share the prices we received from the Berlin branch with you. If you want to fill your stomach per person, you can order a snack or french fries next to the burger.

  • The average price per person is between 5 euros and 12 euros.

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