What to Eat in Gran Canaria

What to eat in Gran Canaria The Canary Islands are among the best places to travel and have a holiday. Gran Canaria, the most populated city here, is extremely active in terms of tourism and is of tremendous beauty. Of course, when you go, you may want to see different dishes and the culture of taste. In the content we have prepared with the aim of giving information, we will write details and important titles on what to eat in Graan Canaria.

They produce products with tropical fruits and seafood for health. In the city that comes after Tenerife in terms of the area of the islands; Inspired by African, European and American cuisines, a culinary culture has emerged that offers unique tastes. Now, without further ado, let’s learn about the Gran Canaria dishes, what to eat and drink in Gran Canaria.

What to Eat in Gran Canaria

  • Almogrote It is an appetizer spread on hot bread, the appearance of which can make you hungry. Almogrote; It is made with a hard Italian cheese, garlic, hot pepper, tomato and spices. You can usually see this appetizer served while eating the main course in restaurants. In addition, ready-made almogrote appetizer is sold.
  • Bienmesabe If you want to try a light dessert in Gran Canaria, Bienmesabe can be shown among the products where almonds lead. This delicious food, which is similar to the traditional Spanish dessert called Antequerano, is sweetened with lemon peels and sugar. The name of the dessert means “taste good”.
  • Gofio Gofio, which Canary children believe will be healthy by mixing it in a glass of milk and drinking it, is a versatile food item. Gofio, which is made from corn flour, is obtained by roasting. Its scent will really encourage you to taste it. It can be preferred to flavor bakery products and desserts.
  • Queso Asado It is prepared with goat or sheep cheese. It is served with hard or soft cheese. Afterwards, it is served with local sauces such as Mojo Pic√≥n. We can say that it is one of the light and satisfying tastes that can be snacked on hot Gran Canaria days. Similarly, Cyprus halloumi cheese comes to mind.

As far as we researched in the region, these are the most eaten dishes. Of course, local tastes may differ, there may be dishes from the canary islands that have never been discovered. If you have experienced Gran Canaria dishes, you can comment.

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