What to eat in Qatar, what is famous

What to eat in Qatar Food culture varies according to countries and geography. We can say that Qatar has a different place in this flavor. When Qatari food is examined, we see that it is influenced by many continents. But this influence has led to the discovery of very good dishes over time. In the article, main dishes and desserts of Qatar are presented. If you are ready, let’s start with what to eat in Qatar..

What to eat in Qatar

  • Hurma: There are date palm trees almost all over the country. Large and delicious dates are liked by people who come to the country for vacation. Even the return time is taken as a gift.
  • Ghuzi: The segment it addresses actually covers the Indian region. If you want to eat different local flavors, you can try it. The dish includes sugar, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and precooked noodles. Eggs are added to it.
  • Kabsa: The most important feature of this dish that those who try it want to eat again and again is that it is very spicy. Kabsa, which consists of a wonderful combination of rice pilaf, meat and vegetables, is one of the most consumed local dishes of the region. We are sure you will like it too.
  • Qahwa Helw: It is referred to as coffee and its aroma makes it different. We can say that it contains saffron. The people of Qatar have a strong passion for coffee.

Famous dishes of Qatar

Meat culture is quite common here. People living in Qatar use meat dishes and spices too much. If you have the thought of experimenting in this direction, you can dine at the luxury restaurants of Qatar.

  1. Fahsa
  2. Eggplant fatteh
  3. Doha kebab

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