What to eat on the island of Kos?

What to eat on the island of Kos? While writing this article, we have done research for those who are considering a holiday and those who are on the Greek island of Kos. Of course, every country and every region can have different tastes and cultures. When you want to experience this, it may be necessary to get support from web pages if it is a place you have not visited before. In the article, information will be given with the title of what to eat on the island of Kos.

What to eat on the island of Kos?

When Greece is mentioned, Mediterranean cuisine comes to mind. In addition, we can say that seafood is great. Olive oil is also very famous in Greece, where fish varieties are served with different sauces and appetizers. In addition, fish is indispensable for lunch and dinner on the island of Kos. So what fish do you eat? Let’s examine together what should be considered if you want to eat fish in Kos.

What are the famous dishes of Kos island?

  • Glyko Tomataki
  • Pligouri
  • Posa

When you come to the island, do not leave without trying shrimp and squid. These two products are made very successfully indeed. The best place for shrimp, squid and octopus, which can be found in every menu of restaurants that are sold fresh daily, may be the Greek island of Kos. Not only that, you should also eat moussaka, souvlaki and tzatzki on the island of Kos.

Glyko tomataki

Glyko tomataki, which can be made with different recipes, is a traditional product that combines the flavors of honey, almond and vanilla with the acid produced by the explosion of the tomato as the final product. Since it is a canned product, it can be easily obtained from vendors such as delicatessen in the region. It is recommended to buy from Dimotiki Dorag Market Hall.


Pligouri is essentially a kind of porridge, but it also appears as a meat dish based on bulgur in Greek cuisine. Bulgur, a very popular dish in the Ottoman Empire, is cooked and consumed in a way unique to Kos Island. It is recommended to be eaten at Noah’s Ark.

Posa Peyniri

The cheese known as pulp cheese or krasotiri is produced only in Kos Island. Krasotiri has become a brand of the island with its awareness. It is prepared by allowing local goat cheese to mature after being dipped in red wine. The pulp cheese, which is made by coating with wine residue, attracts the attention of everyone who hears it because it is matured in wine. Many different varieties of the product can be purchased at the Farmers’ Public Market, where local vendors are present in the area.

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